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Guide to Supplying Artwork

Everything you need to know about supplying artwork files correctly.

File Formats Accepted:

Press ready PDF
- with fonts embedded

Illustrator – fonts converted to outlines

– layers flattened, at least 300 dpi, JPEG or Tiff
If you wish to submit artwork created using a program not listed above we may still be able to accommodate your order.

Our preferred artwork format would be supplied as high-resolution PDF.

PDF's are rapidly becoming the standard file format for transmitting files for printing, but it is important to prepare your PDF file in the correct way. When creating a PDF, there are job options which must be set for commercial printing. These include default resolution, compression settings and font embedding.
Please ensure you choose high resolution. Compression settings for colour and greyscale should be down sampled to 300dpi with "auto compression" set on high. Bitmapped (monochrome: i.e. line art) images should be set at 600dpi. Font embedding should be set to "embed all fonts."


If you are supplying a document with multiple pages, please try and make the front and back cover of the document a separate file, and supply as single pages in page order. Also, please remember to allow for "creep" we suggest you keep all text and copy at least 5mm away from the trimmed edge.


Include all fonts you have used in the file. Whilst we have an extensive font collection, there is no guarantee the version you have used matches ours. This can create problems with line lengths and spacing of the type.


Please ensure there is 3mm bleed all round the actual finished print, i.e. save the page with 6mm added to each measurement (i.e. for A4 usually 210mm x 297mm, save as 216mm x 303mm). Crop marks may be included. If it is not saved in this format, we will not be able to use it as artwork and if there are any changes to the job, you may have to amend and re-supply the artwork.