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Finishing Services
Booklet making (saddle stitching) Coil or comb binding Collating Folding Guillotining and trimming Hole punching and drilling Laminating and encapsulating Scoring Staplng Stuffing and Inserting

Coil Binding Only 70p

We offer a variety of finishing options which include:

Booklet making (saddle stitching) For other Finishing services not listed call 01628 771924
Coil or comb binding Coil or comb binding
Collating Collating
Folding Folding
Guillotining and trimming Guillotining and trimming
Hole punching and drilling Hole punching and drilling
Laminating and encapsulating Laminating and encapsulating
Scoring Scoring
Stapling Stapling
Stuffing and inserting Stuffing and inserting read more


Document Binding

The cost of a bound book does not have to be expensive. We offer several types of binds using different binding methods that are all cheap ways of document binding. Traditional wiro bound books, also known as wire binding, has been superseded by a newer style of bind.

Coil bound documents are the modern alternative to both the wire bind and comb binds. It is a plastic coil that looks similar to wiro binding only it is a more flexible and returns back to its coil shape when bent. Unlike a comb bind or heat bound documents (known also as thermal binding) the pages of a coil bound document can easily rotate to 360 degrees.

The majority of our clients use our binding service to produce training manuals, conference materials, presentations, marketing catalogues and company policy manuals etc. For printing prices please refer to our colour copying page.

Booklet Making or Saddle Stitching

Another cheap way or perhaps the cheapest way of attaching documents together is in the form of saddle stitching or stapled booklets. Most documents can be converted into a booklet format automatically when we send your print files to production.

A4 and A5 booklets are the most popular choice of booklet making. Not only are they cheap to produce but they are also easy mail. An A5 booklet is a cost effective way of distributing your printed material as the postage cost will often be the same as a standard letter. We offer an additional mailing service if this meets your requirements.

Some of the popular uses of our saddle stitching service are for Health and Safety booklets, company policy booklets and magazine supplements, event programs, newsletters, brochures and gazettes etc.

Other Print Finishing Options

1) Collating your documents from different files to produce your training manuals, presentations, catalogues or company policy manuals etc.

2) Folding your leaflet and brochures and other advertising materials.

3) Guillotining and trimming your printed material to size or to ‘bleed’.

4) Hole punching and drilling your documents ready to insert into folders. We can supply your document already placed into folders and sent to you or directly to your clients at your request.

5)Laminating and encapsulating your documents to protect them from being damaged. Encapsulating a document is to place it into a plastic like pouch and seal the document within it. To laminate a document is to place a thin clear sheet of plastic like material over your document. This can be done on a single side or on both sides of your document.

6) Scoring thicker paper (card) helps to fold the page without cracking the paper.

7) Stapling your documents together (usually in the top left hand corner) where booklet making is not needed.

8) Stuffing and inserting mail or letters is an additional service that we offer. Please see our mailing page for more details.

Your On-tap Printing, Mailing and Reprographics Service at Below Trade Prices

A professional print room can cost tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of pounds. For most SME’s and some corporate clients this is an unaffordable luxury. Our company offers an affordable solution by providing a truly ‘on tap’ facility at trade prices. Our service ensures that peaks in printing volume can easily be absorbed and that a down turn in print demand is not penalised through fixed overheads.

Our main printing hub is based in Christchurch, Dorset which is a central point between Bournemouth, Poole and Southampton in Hampshire. We have an outlet in Maidenhead which is central to Slough / Windsor and Reading which are within the home counties of both Buckinghamshire and Berkshire covering the Thames Valley area. We have another outlet based on the border of Oxford and Northampton near Banbury. Not only do we cater for local needs as well as central London and the Greater London area but we also send customers orders nationally throughout the UK.